Let me tell you why

If I told you why I left when you needed me most, you’d think I was lying. But those nights when I called your phone and you didn’t answer, said the battery died,and then it would ring, you think those nights didn’t hurt me?? When all I needed was a gentle smile, why couldn’t you give me one. And now you ask why i can’t give you what you need when you crave it so badly. How can you ask why we’re acting like this when you’re directing the play? You want to hear my voice on the phone, then pick it up and make it work both ways. You want to find hope in love, hope in me? Then come back home and lay next to me and smile and giggle like we used to. And when I close the door behind me, I dare you to say that you’re heart isn’t beating fast like it used to, I dare you to say that you don’t feel that love from the pit of your heart and that lust from the bottom of your stomach. And if you can look me in the eye and say that you don’t love me, and that I haven’t brought your passion back, then you’re free to go.

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