My daugther was recently moved to county, for her court date on the fictitious info charges, they gave her time served.
This put her where good guy could visit her.
She was so happy to know he was comming.
This also put good guy in a bad situation,
knowing bad guy would be there too.
Sure enough he was there, being as I wasn’t there,
I can’t say what happened before visitation.
Good guy called me after the visit and said,
that bad guy stood behind him quitely while he talked to her, for almost the whole visit.
Even while good guy ask her to come home with him, he would be there the day she got out to pick her up. She said yes.
Good guy gave bad guy the last few minutes to have his say. Sure it was the same old stuff. ” The whining mentioned in the presequels “
Never knowing, what he will do for retaliation, that’s a wait and see.

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