Nobody Gets Hurt

Shade and I head over to the park so we can actually relax for a bit. It was a dreary day – just our luck. The sky was grey, the grass had died, and the jungle-gyms were worn down and chipping. Not the most relaxing place in the world, but it’s not like we had any other place to go.

We walk over to a rock that looks like it was made for laying on. Then again, everythings artificial these days so I wouldn’t be suprised if it was plastic.

“Ugh, it is plastic.” I say as I feel my spine aligning with the edge in the plastic.

“What?” asks Shade, for it had been the first thing said for a while.

“Oh nothing. Train of thought.”


I yawn, and realize I haven’t slept for a while except for the anesthesia at the hospital, which, once again, is artificial, so it didn’t count. I rested my head atop his shoulder and snuggle close. After about 5 minutes, I’ve drifted into a deep sleep.

I awoke from my slumber to police alarms.

“This is the police. Stay where you are, and nobody gets hurt.”

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