Man In The Suit

A look and a motion to come. Jonathan, capt’n tells me you were below again, you know that your not to be down there. Yes’um. What? Yes ma’am. That’s better,you go play, up here.
Jonathan tucked his chin and scuffed his shoe off the deck a few times. There was a man in a pin stripe suit standing aginst the wall, alone, reading the paper.
Jonathan thought this strange, so he snuck around the corner, poking his head back out to see.
Another man walked up and handed the man a gun, he put it inside his jacket.
His mouth dropped open, huh, Jonathan pressed his body firm aginst the wall.
Jonathan, Capt’n shouted.
He ran up the stair’s as fast as he could,
Capt’n,Capt’n, that man he, he, he has a gun.
Nonsense, your imagination, boy.
NO Capt’n, I saw it, that man gave it to him.
Crewmen Jones is going down to the boiler room, say’s you can go with and have a look.
But Capt’n what bout that man? Are you going, boy?
No thanks Capt’n, got sumthin to do.
Jonathan didn’t take his eye’s off the man.

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