Future Minipulation

Passing notes has become harder and harder these days, but we children always find a way around it.

Serina had written on the side of her paper:

do u stil hate me? lawl.

Eww. Lawl? That’s lame, even to her standards.

I wanted to write “I hate you like the piece of crap that you are” but there wasn’t enough room on my paper. Instead I simply put:


[her paper]: o lawl


Her: i just wanted to say i’m sorry and that i was really imature last year.
Me: hoorahh for you.
Her: lawl.

Stop It!!

Her: just so u kno, Theresa has given me another chance.

Theresa?! She’s the one that warned me not to be friends with you last year! She’s the one that came up with the plans to destroy you mentally and socially!

Me: she nvr was 2 smrt.
Her: LAWL !


After that I completely refused to look over at her in fear of another lawl. Eventually, she gave up also.

“What does Mrs. Yetnel mean by homo sapien?” she asked me a bit later.


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