{Super} Natural Instincts

“What’s wrong, Lena?” she stared at me intently. I could hardly lie to her.
“Nothing,” I said bluntly.
“What? Do you feel something?”
“Yes,” I muttered reluctantly, “Now just shut up and drive!”
“What is it? Is it bad?”
“It’s nothing. You’re way too superstitious!” I wasn’t worried. I knew nothing would happen. The last time was just a coincidence.
“Just tell me what it is!”
“I just…” I began to hesitate. I considered not telling her, but what if she wasn’t just superstitious? What if my feeling was right? “I just feel like something’s gonna happen… something bad. How much longer until we get there?” My voice was steady but I was beginning to get nervous. I wasn’t sure whether to believe in it, but I knew that Ronni did.
“We’ll be there in—”
She couldn’t finish her sentence. Suddenly fear struck her face and she began to scream. The tires wailed and horns moaned. Combined with the shrieks of twisting metal, it became a ghostly quartet…

When I awoke in a hospital bed, the feeling was gone…

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