A Slight Disturbance

Well, that would explain them trying to kill us, thought Brass Eagle. The Caretaker’s eyes flashed yellow with malevolent laughter, as if reading Eagle’s mind.

“Yes, in each clone that I saw potential, such as you and your friends’, I put myself into each one. Just imagine, two powerful beings in one! My legacy can live on even if I die! So sad you won’t be able to see it, however,” he said, glee in his voice. He reached inside his silk jacket and pressed something. Eagle and Mug dropped to the ground, unfrozen, while the other clones hung eerily in midair.

“So, now,” the Caretaker said, adjusting his cuffs. “Dr. Oblivion is a nuisance, I really must get him out of the way. Now, boys, just co—”

He was cut off by a tremedous crash. The windows cascaded onto the floor, gale-like wind spewing the glass shards into the air. Eagle shielded his eyes and glanced out at what caused the explosion.

Finn and Anonymous stared meekly back at him from the cockpit, hands resting on the controls.

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