Takin' Care of "Business"

“Well, that was conspicuous enough,” said Mug as he and Brass Eagle climbed into the cockpit of the helicopter. Eagle shook off shards of glass from his jacket and seized the controls before the others could get to them.

“I think I’ll take over from here, Finn,” he said, raising his eyebrows at them. Finn and Anonymous slinked apologetically to the back. “And just one last touch…” Brass Eagle chucked a small, unimpressive ball through the gaping hole in the tower.

The helicopter steered away from the building just as the small ball ignited with a gargantuan fury, bursting windows on all levels and shaking the entire tower. The team looked back through the window at the now-distant tower as it slowly crumbled to the ground, rumbling the island.

Finn whistled. “Where’d you cook up that one, Eagle?”

Eagle smiled. “I had some down time on the way here.”

“Some down time…” muttered Mug.

Eagle smiled again, directing the copter towards Grasshopper and their hidden plane.

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