Confessions of a High School Yearbook

They say high school is the best time of your life. But what about all the people who hated high school? What about the kids whose parents beat them or divorced or put too much pressure on them? What about those kids who tried so hard but just weren’t talented enough or smart enough or strong enough? What about all the kids who were being someone they weren’t because it was the only way to survive? What about the kids who really hated their friends on the inside? Or the ones whose friends really hated them? What about the kids who never had any friends at all? What about those who were throwing up everyday so they could fit into their prom dress? Or the ones who were stood up at prom? What about all those kids who were self conscious to the point of self hatred? What about the kids who were pressured into smoking, drinking, and drugs? Or the ones that got addicted? What about the ones who couldn’t stand up and defend themselves? Where are they now? How could those possibly be the “best times of their lives”?

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