The Lemming:Nature's Retard

If you don’t know what a lemming is I might as well tell you seeing that the whole story is based on one. Lemmings are cute little rodents with soft fur, short legs and small ears. The only problem is their little cute lives usually end when they commit mass suicidal jumps of cliffs. In fact, a document was made where two men followed the cute little lemmings around and video recorded as they migrated… right off the egde of a cliff into a river below. Yeah, ouch. But, there was still one hope left for these fuzzy little mammals. A rather ugly lemming known only as Fargus Qutip, born and raised by his parents Janeeta and Fregork who blindly took a cliff dive back in the 80’s.

Unlike his parents though, Fargus was no followerer like most lemmings are. He was a pure-born leader, great,great,greatgrandson to Hendig Qutip, leader of the lemming invasion of Mexico in 1820. Fargus knew something was wrong about jumping off of cliffs and he knew he had to stop it.

He was a born leader.

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