Visits from the Afterlife

“You remembered?”
“Yes’m” How could I forget? It was 7 years ago today. It happened at precisely 4:36 am. Daddy was working late again. He always worked strange hours. He worked whenever one of the other truckers was gone and never seemed to stop. Not until 7 years ago, that is.

“Go back to sleep, baby.”
“No, Mama. I wanna be here with you.” Did she really expect me to sleep? Not tonight. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. He said he would come back. He had every year on this night, at this time, for 7 years now. I had never witnessed it, but I knew it was real.

“Alright. I guess…”
Her voice trailed off. It was time. He was here; I could feel it. I couldn’t see him, but I felt when he patted me on the head. I looked at Mama wide-eyed.

“Is he here, Mama?”
“Yea, I reckon he is. Do you feel him?”
“Yes’m.” For an instant, I felt his presence intensely. I knew it must’ve been 4:36, the time that the other truck hit him. Then, suddenly, I couldn’t feel him anymore. He was gone… again.

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