I See You

I know who you are
I’ve watched you from a far
You dont think I know
But I see where you go
Those things you try to hide
I’ve seen her by your side
Your no different than him
Yeah, your just like them
The ones that are fake
Always out for what they can make
I can see right thru you
I see the things you do
All those things you stole
Those things that were buried in a hole
All those hearts you broke
I can still smell the smoke
From those fires you started
Why did you leave them broken hearted
Its out in the open now
I bet you still dont know how
All your secrets are out
I hope theres no doubt
That I know exactly who you are
I’ve watched your from afar
But before I go
I just wanted you to know
I’ve seen the things you do
Best be careful, cuz someones watching you

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