Come What May, Pt. 106

“Oh god, I’m so tired Dreamy. Maybe we should have used this flight for rest,” Oliver says as we step off of the plane. We’ve just landed in Key West, FL. He looks around, taking in his surroundings. “Oh…I don’t even know what to say. This is huge.”

“Yeah, this is what oil money can buy. Welcome to the Farrell Compound,” I say, leaning against him.

We are escorted to a waiting car, which takes us to the main house. My mother is waiting in the doorway, and when we pull up, she begins to jog down the steps. I leap out of the car and run to my mother. “Dream, you’re finally home! My baby is finally here!” she exclaims as she hugs me.

I walk back to the car, where Oliver is standing, looking up at the house. Evidently, he’s amazed at the size of it. I take him by the hand, and we walk to where my mother is standing.

My mother hugs Oliver before I can even begin to introduce them. “I know you’re Oliver. You are even more darling in person than you are on TV!” I laugh, and Oliver blushes.

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