Come What May, Pt. 110

I wake up to find Oliver’s space in bed empty. I look around the room, and yell “Oliver!â€? No response. Rubbing my eyes, I get up out of the bed and walk out of our bedroom into the hallway, still calling him. Upon arriving downstairs, I notice that the back patio door is open. I head to the patio, and spot Oliver standing out back, near the waters edge. He is standing completely still, gazing at the ocean. “Ollie!â€? I call out to him. He turns around slowly, and smiles at me. I walk out onto the deck. “What are you doing down there?â€? I yell. “Come down here and I’ll tell you,â€? he responds.

I walk off of the patio and onto the sand. Reaching Oliver, I wrap my arms around his torso and kiss his shoulder. “How long have you been awake?â€? I ask him, laying my head against his shoulder.

“I’ve been up for about an hour. Dream, this is heaven. Waking up and just being able to walk out onto the beach and stare at the ocean. This is really heaven.â€?

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