Come What May, Pt. 111

I walk around to face him. “Oliver, baby I’m glad you’re happy with it. I just worry about how we’ll drag ourselves away from here in three days.â€?

Oliver looks off into the distance. “Dream, I love you,â€? he says, looking back at me. “And I love you Oliver…â€? I reply. He sticks his hand in the pocket of his shorts. “Dream, I wasn’t going to do this until after the tour was over, and things were all settled, but standing out here this morning, I decided that I couldn’t wait any longer to ask you this.â€?

He pulls a ring box out from his pocket, the same box that I’d spotted in his bag a few weeks ago in Copenhagen. Oliver drops to one knee in the sand, and opens the box. It is a gorgeous solitaire princess cut diamond on a platinum band. I gasp. “Dream Willow Farrell, I love you so much. Waiting another second to ask you to marry me would feel like an eternity, which is what I’d much rather spend with you and only you. Will you make me the most fortunate man in the entire universe and be my wife?â€?

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