sick of waiting

I wish he would make up his mind. He can’t decide whether he likes me or not. I really don’t like waiting, and now he acts different around me. I haven’t gone to his house after school in a long time, and he doesn’t talk to me as much. He told our mutual best friend that he’s confused, unsure whether he likes me as more than a friend or not, and he doesn’t want to take a chance in case it turns out wrong. I wish he would take a chance, because life without risks is boring. I can’t stand living like this, waiting for him to make up his mind. I told him my feelings, why is he taking so long? Just tell me the truth, I can handle it! I miss the way it used to be, when everything was so simple, not complicated, not confusing. I guess that sometimes when you take a risk, it doesn’t turn out as well as you think it could have. I miss him….

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