Jonny Venger

Jonathan sprinted to his room, removed his wooden sword, an stood it in the corner.
Hopped his way to the bathroom, pulling a towel from the shelf, he popped it and tied it to his neck. Looking in the mirror, put his hands on his hips,he stuck out his chest.
Jonny Venger tu duh rest q, wedy tu po teck duh pub wick.
Jonathan flew out the door and back down the corridor. Stopping on deck, he scouted the area, he spotted the man, talking to a lady in a slinky red dress, who was smiling a lot.
The man took the lady’s arm and they started down the hall. Jonathan followed, his mother caught up with him. Joathan, we’ll be dining at Capt’ns table tonight. He rolled his eye’s and looked up at her.
Jonathan crawled into the chair an sat down at the long dinning table, surprised to see the man sitting across from him.
The man noticed Jonathan glaring at him, he extened his hand,”hello I’m Joe”, an you are? Jonathan shook his hand hard, showing his super strength. Quite a grip you got there son. I’m Jonny Venger

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