Flight 126: Cancelled Due to an Untimely Invasion

The people all rushed toward the door marked “exit” in flourescent letters. As the alarm blared, they all became more frantic, crowding so close together that not a one of them could escape. The mass of disorderly misconduct caused my head to swim; the whole room appeared to be spinning. In the midst of terror and chaos I lost hold of Katarina’s hand. As people fled, there came an ominous voice over the loud speaker saying, “Please be not alarmed. To order return.” The massive stream of people continued to charge for the exit, but I needed to find my sister, so I began heading the opposite direction. Though I was nearly trampled, I managed to break free from the crowd I staggered toward the nearest airport security officer, but when he turned around, I discovered that he was not one of us. I stared up at his horrible face in terror. Just as I turned to run away, I was suddenly pulled from behind, spun around, and slammed against the wall. I didn’t know what he could possibly want from me.

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