Captain Obvious Wins An Award: The Stupidest God-brother on the Planet

“It’s…bright,” slurred a drunk from the Elysian Fields.

“Shut up,” I said.

“Zeus, you moron!” I screeched as another lightning bolt rained down. “We’re all dead here except me, and I’m immortal!”

“Demi told me to,” he said faintly from behind his shielding cloud (that also sang Handel’s Messiah and glowed).

“Oh, really? Then where is blasted Demi?!” I was totally out of control. My idiot brother brought his stupid singing cloud to the Underworld to attack dead people? This is definitely winning Most Idiotic Immortal Act of the Century at our next meeting, I fumed.

“Uh…she’s making somebody’s baby immortal. Don’t ask me why.”

“Yes, well she’s just as intelligent then, isn’t she,” I hissed, stalking away.

“Hey! Don’t leave!” he howled. “I’m attacking you!”

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

“Make me!” I hollered.

“OK! I’ll…I’ll kill Cerberus if you don’t hand over Persephone!”

Cerby! He wouldn’t dare!

Besides my horror, I was in awe that he actually thought up something halfway smart.

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