All About

Me? You want to know about me? Now why would anyone want to know that? I mean, sure it’s very important in deciding who gets to spend thirty grand a year to go to your highly regarded institution. There must be some little insight that went missing from the transcript of my life that you dearly need to know.

So here, I’ll tell you a little something about myself. Maybe to keep you interested in allowing me to be in your presents, or maybe even to prove my worth to just one more person who doesn’t seem to believe in me.

You know, you might even start wanting to be me! Wouldn’t that turn the world sideways. Can you believe it? Someone else wanting to be me? I mean, half the time I’m not even sure who it is that I am.

But if someone else wants to be me, I must be pretty important. Maybe I do want to be me. We then, if I want to be me, you certainly can’t be me. You’ll just have to be you.

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