Remember Karen in Wartime

Rockets and mortar whistled overhead as Len and Joe hunkered down in their bunker, wincing as the impacts rocked the ground.
“Pass me that beef stew MRE , Joe.”
“Sure. Can I have the freeze dried peaches?”
“What is this high school? We trading lunches or something?” A mortar landed nearby and sent dirt and debris over their heads.
“Do you even remember high school?”
“Half the time I can’t even remember my own name or if I like Wheaties or hot buttered grits.”
“I remember high school,” Joe said wistfully. “Oh Karen, I miss you.”
Len looked around, “Who the freak is Karen, you pea-head?”
“She was the love of my life, back in high school, lovely girl, very sweet, only…”
Len sighed but had to ask, “Only what?”
“I was a fool, Len, a stupid fool!”
“That’s really not surprising.” Both men cringed as another explosion hit close.
“I just couldn’t get past her one tiny flaw.”
“Which was, and be quick before I kill you myself.”
“My family, we own a dairy farm, see, and she was…she was lactose intolerant!”

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