Last Class: High School (Please Not a Musical!) Tryouts

Sitting at my desk, at my last class for the day (Advanced Honors Geometry), I couldn’t wait for the bell to ring. Today was tryout day for the Winter play. Please God don’t let it be a musical, I prayed.

Finally the bell rang.

Fr. Quinoa, the drama teacher was waving his arms about frantically when I arrived at the auditorium . Ugh, Hamlet , wonderful, Shakespeare. That ham, Paul Huckleberry would surely get the part of the Prince of Denmark.

I was bored, so I went through my , cell, book bag iphone, blackberry, aah there’s my iPod. I put on the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Catholic School Girls Rule.

That stupid yearbook photographer Peter Sorghum pointed his camera in my face and said, “Say cheese”. Such a suckup, acted like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.

Fr. Rice, the assistant drama teacher ,called me up on stage and I went up and read ,” To be or not to be…..”.

“Not to be,” groaned both drama teachers.

The next day I checked the casting list I was, Alas ,poor Yorick.

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