Arm around Me

He found a nice parking space near the theater, just outside of handicap parking. It wasn’t a long walk inside.

We bought the tickets for the movie. It was leaning more on the horror than suspense, and I wasn’t too keen on horror movies.

But I wasn’t going to complain or anything, so I just stood there while he bought the tickets.

A point for him, however, was that when I pulled out my money he pushed it back, even bought the candy I’d been expecting to get for myself. And a large popcorn, and two medium sodas.

Then we headed into the darkened theater.

We found seats in the back, in the middle. It was all rather comfortable.

Then the movie started.

Have I mentioned that I didn’t like horror movies?

The movie didn’t meet the modern ‘must be gory to be horror’ standards, but it was scary. Really scary.

Halfway through I was curled up in the chair, closing my eyes at any sound of suspenseful music.

Then I felt his arm around me.

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