Strange Occurrences

Though the sun set hours ago, it was still light. Being from the city and being accustomed to street lights, I didn’t even think to worry about it… or the loud crash I had heard just before sunset, the momentary power outages throughout the day, or the incessant barking of all the local dogs, for that matter. I hadn’t gone into town all day, so I was unaware of the situation at hand. I regarded all of the strange occurrences as strange occurrences and nothing more… until later that night, that is.

Bridget pulled up in the driveway in her Beemer at about 9pm. She was more frantic than usual, how ever impossible that may seem. She left the car top down and the door open & rang the doorbell about 6 times. I somehow knew it was her & wasn’t in the mood. Ever since we broke up, I had been seeing her detestable face so often that it made it inconceivable for me to abhor her more.

When I reluctantly opened the door, she barged in & squawked, “Simon, have you heard about the aliens? It’s all over the news!”

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