I hate it when boys are shallow. Who cares if a girl is hot, its what’s on the inside that really matters. Why did I care about him so much? Why couldn’t I see what a jerk he is? I’m so glad that one of my best guy friends saw that I needed someone to let me know how stuck up my crush was. I feel like a whole new person, no longer thinking about him every 10 minutes. I’m free, and independent, and I don’t need some stuck up shallow snobby immature boy! There are plenty of boys out there that will love me even if I’m not a hot stupid flirty giggly immodest girl, because I’m more of a down to earth, smart, tomboyish hyper laugh out loud for no reason whatsoever random kind of girl. I’m so glad I’m not blinded to his shallowness anymore, and I’m glad I have great friends that are always there for me, because boyfriends come and go, so it’s always nice to have real friends.

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