The Cottage

We pulled up in her VW Beetle, which was red with black dots and resembling a lady bug. Her house appeared very strange from the outside. It was rather small and oddly shaped in a neighborhood full of very tasteful Georgian Colonial style homes. It had a dramatic sloping roof, a round topped door, round windows, and details reminiscent of a gingerbread cottage. It was painted a pepto bismol pink and the sides of the house curved outward. Needless to say, it stuck out like a sore thumb.

She got out of the car and began to walk up the cobblestone pathway, under the arch of vines, and toward the house. I followed close behind, taking in the sights. She had a lot of lawn gnomes which resembled her. She was a very short and stout woman wth a cheery disposition and silver-blond hair.

She arrived at the crimson colored door, I far behind. Along the way, I had been distracted. When I caught up, she smiled and opened the door, covered in stained glass details. As I peered in, I was struck with whimsy.

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