Hide and Seek

I shove myself into the tiny crawlspace.
This is a good spot, he can’t see me. But what if he can hear my breathing? Oh, God what if he can hear my heart beating?
He breaks little twigs under his feet as he walks. He’s always crushing something.
He’s getting closer. I’m breathing heavier. Stop! Stop breathing so heavy! But I can’t, I need the air, I’m suffocating.
He leans down, his face is close to mine.
I can hear his breathing, he has to hear mine. Just be still, God just be still! Oh, God I can feel his breath!
He straightens his posture again. He has missed me.
The footsteps begin again, but they get softer and softer as he moves into the distance.
I’ve got to get out of this crawlspace! I’m suffocating! I need air, I need big breaths of cold air! I’ve got to wait, wait for him to be far away. But I can’t wait. I have to have the air. I need the air!
I push my way out, head first.
And then he turns around.

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