He's Out To Kill

I heard sirens coming from outside my house. I quickly glanced at the clock – 3:00. Good – my parents won’t be home for a good 2-3 hours.

There was a knock at the door.

“Is anybody in there? This is the police. We are prepared to bust this door down.”

I hurried over to the door and opened it, yet I was still clueless on how to explain my situation.

“We got a cal-”

“Yeah, do you mind checking the area? I just had an encounter with the stalker – the one you guys checked around here for last time. He just tried to kill me!” I said, trying to sound as calm as possible, though I don’t think I was doing too good a job with it.

The officer turned around and yelled orders to his crew.

“Jim – backyard. Kurt – front yard. Everybody else – inside the house. Be careful – he’s out to kill.”

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