Temporary Distractions

“A homo sapien is a homeless guy that’s obsessed with anything reptile.”

“How does that relate to anything in this section?” she asked, confused look on her face.

“Did I write the fricken book?!”


I can’t believe she actually fell for it! What an idiot..


The “next class” bell.

“Remember – quiz tomorrow! Know the terms millenium, century, Era, homo sapien, Mesopetamia..” Mrs. Yetnel droned on over the roar of students leaving.

Next class.. next class.. I looked over my schedule. Gym.

I rushed over to my locker to put my books away, and snatched my Science book and binder for after Gym.

At least I’d be away from Serina until then.

“Lauren! Laauurreenn!!” somebody yelled after me.

I turned around to see exactly who I didn’t want to see – Serina. I swear she’s down to stalking me.

“Hey Lauren! What period do you have nex-”

“Your mom.”


Ugh! I couldn’t take it! I kicked her for momentary distraction and ran to gym.

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