fast cars and devilish boys

I was sitting on my porch watching the sun set.
It was a boring night and there wasn’t much else to do.
I wasn’t being all sentimental and sappy, not me.

I heard tires scream at the corner that turned onto my road, and held on to the railing of my porch a little tighter.
A green car raced down the lane, and it had to be him.

Sure enough, the car screeched to a halt directly in front of the sidewalk that lead up to my house, and the passenger door swung open.

Clay stretched his head out, that devilish grin playing across his face.
“Get in.”
I obeyed.
“Theres something I want to show you.”
“What is it?” He knew i hated suprises.
“Can’t tell, its a secret.”

I sat back, frustrated but still happy to be there, with the mischevious kid that was always getting into some sort of trouble. The type of kid your parents always hope and pray you don’t end up hanging out with. The kid that was everything i’m not.

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