The Journey

It seems so odd that this is where I had been trying to get.

You never would’ve thought that all that I’ve said and done over the past few months was all so that I could end up here. Just looking at me you would be surprised.

Dressed well and with a certain look in my eye, rock bottom would not be my expected destination. But it’s true, the demise of all that I am could not be a more appealing goal. After all, what I had done that was so amazing?

To be honest, my journey to where I am is probably the greatest acheivment that I could brag about. The only acheivment; that I’ve gotten to where I was going.

But now that I’m here, I take a look around.

From a distance, it seemed so beautiful. But from up close, is it what I really wanted? Is this what I’ve been working so hard for?

I’m not sure, but I don’t have a choice anymore. After jumping off a cliff, your options aren’t what they used to be. And now, falling to the ground, I can see all that I ever wanted. Standing up on the edge.

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