Me and My Antlers

I have no idea why he liked me. He was such a handsome boy. He was smart and funny. He was curious and playful.

He had the cutest little laugh when he would crinkle his nose and chuckle a little but not like most guys who guffaw the stupidest things. His laugh was thoughtful. He could say ‘I love you’ or ‘thanks for cheering me up’ or even ‘i miss you’ all in his laugh. I have no idea why he chose me.

When he smiled, it was contagious. He had a nice smile. He had little dimples on each side of his large mouth. His teeth were always perfectly white and his face was always clean-shaven to the point that I was never quite sure if he actually had hair to shave. His complection was perfect and his hair was in smooth, blond ringlets. Every girl swooned over him. Why would he like me?

Something was just so endearing about him, with his wit and clever humor that was funny but never insulting. He was charming and polite. He was creative. He was so perfect. Why on earth would he choose me—me and my antlers?

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