He Didn't See The Gun

Parrish O’Hanley shut the door behind him at the Ladd& O’Hanley Detective agency, he told his partner Shane Ladd that he would go downtown to see the man that just called with important info on a missing person case they were working on.

He didn’t let on to Shane that their client, Congresswoman Madilyn Schweiz, had asked him personally to look into the case.

Shane was a good private investigator, but Shane didn’t know all the facts of the case, some things Parrish kept from him regarding the clients missing son.

Parrish thought he knew who the male caller was. And it was up to him to prevent a scandal. The less people who knew of Congresswoman Schweiz’s sons’ whereabouts, the better.

He was waiting in the alley, across from a pub they sometimes ate at.

He didn’t hear the footsteps.

He didn’t see the gun.

He felt the bullet enter the back of his head.

He didn’t hear the young man say,” Stop looking for me, don’t she understand I don’t want to be found”.

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