Note to Self: Screw Demeter...Actually, Just kidding, Don't...That Would Be Really Awkward...

Persephone was gone. I could not believe it.
Screw Demeter, I thought irritably.
I hated Demeter, I hated Zeus, and I hated Athena and all the other gods.
“We can’t make all the mortals suffer for your happiness,” she had said calmly while I vandalized Olympus to the best of my abilities.
Demeter is throwing a bloody temper tantrum and you’re letting her get away with it?? I wanted to scream. Instead, I kicked a pillar.
I remembered Charon finding out, too. He turned off his TV’s and said, “Dude, that sucks. Like, for real. I’m sorry, man. That really blows.”
And that was the extent of the pity I got from anyone, excluding the drunks and Cerby.

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