Come What May, Pt. 113

We all cheer and raise our glasses as Will finishes his toast to a successful tour. I glance over at Oliver, and wink. We’ve made it through the month post-break, and now the tour is finally over. Which means that we are ever so close to doing what we’ve promised ourselves we’d do when the tour ended- telling Peter about our relationship…and engagement.

But for now, in the conference room of a swanky hotel in Brisbane, Australia, we are celebrating. Our imminent confession is the farthest thing from our minds as we drink and party the night away.

I’m sitting beside an extremely drunk Peter when Oliver manages to catch my attention. He nods his head in the direction of the door, and then walks out. Knowing that he wants me to follow him, I wait a moment, and then I get up and sneak out of the crowded room.

He is waiting for me at the elevator. We board the elevator, and go up to the floor where our rooms are.

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