Come What May, Pt. 114

Oliver pulls me by the arm towards the door of his room. He pushes me against the door and kisses me. I run my hands through his curly blonde hair. We are out in the open hall, in full sight of anyone that could pass through.

“I need you now, Dreamy. I’ve been waiting all day for you,” Oliver says as he fumbles with the door key. I take the key from him, as he has it upside down, and properly insert it into the keyhole. As I open the door, Oliver picks me up and carries me inside.

Twenty minutes later, Oliver and I are back on the elevator, straightening our clothes. I place my hands on his cherry-red cheeks. “You’re flushed, love.” He laughs, and kisses me once more as the elevator doors open.

We walk back to the room where the party is still in full effect. Peter is sitting at the table with another full drink in his hand. He spots us, and waves us over. I saunter over to Peter, and sit down beside him.

Peter stands, and taps his glass with a fork. “Everybody, I’ve got a toast to make.”

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