Come What May, Pt. 115

Peter is so drunk that he nearly falls backwards. Will, who is nearly as drunk, staggers over to help him. “I’m okay, Will. I’m okay,” Peter slurs. “I want to make a toast to something so special. My lovely girlfriend, Dreamy, and Ollie. They are so special aren’t they?” Everyone claps, and out of the corner of my eye I see Oliver blush.

Peter pulls me to my feet, and takes my hand in his. “You know, when I met Dreamy, she reminded me of Oll. I knew that they would get along wonderfully. And here they are, the best of friends.”

Peter squeezes my hand a little too tightly. I wince. “Peter, you’re-” Peter laughs and cuts me off. “Look at you two. You’re so close. You love each other so much. You’ve gotten to know each other so well.”

Peter clenches my hand so tightly that I yelp. “Peter, you’re hurting her!” Oliver yells as he walks towards us. “Shut up and let me finish!” Peter yells. “I’ll bet you know her better than I do, especially since you’re screwing her!”

The room is dead silent.

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