Come What May, Pt. 117

Peter and Oliver land on the table. Glasses break and silverware flies as they fight. Oliver punches Peter in the nose, and blood spurts onto the white tablecloth. Adam drags Oliver off of Peter, who runs at him again as he regains his footing. Will grabs Peter, who shockingly turns on his heel and punches Will. “You’re no better than him! You wanted her too! Only Adam let me have my girlfriend in peace!” Peter screams.

Wil stands, and flies at Peter. Oliver and two other guys have to separate Peter and Will, which leads to Peter and Oliver fighting again. The celebration has turned into a bloodbath. I’m standing in the middle of the room, screaming for everyone to stop.

Adam manages to pull Peter away from Oliver, and Peter pushes him away. He stands glaring at me, blood pouring from his nose. “You go ahead and be with your precious Oliver. Get someone to get your stuff out of my room. I hope you’re happy.”

He walks to the door. “There’s no way I’ll stay in a band with him. I’m quitting.”

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