Come What May, Pt. 119

I wake up to the sound of shower water running in the bathroom. Oliver is already awake. I feel nervous for him. Adam has managed to get everyone to agree to a band meeting, and I’m scared that it will turn into another boxing match. Will is stopping by here first, since Oliver’s house is en route to Adam’s, where everyone is meeting at. I’m planning to stay upstairs. I’m the reason for the possible breakup of the band. Guilt makes me a little antsy about being around them.

I hear the doorbell ring. The cleaning lady opens the door, and a few seconds Iater I can hear Will’s voice from the bottom of the stairs. “Dreamer, are you up there? Please come down for a second. You’re safe with me.â€?

“Yes, hold on,â€? I respond. I throw on one of Oliver’s shirts, and walk downstairs. He is sitting in the kitchen, waiting for me. “Hi Dreamer,â€? he says as I walk in. I sit in the chair opposite him. “Hey Will,â€? I reply, feeling a bit awkward.

“Dreamer, you know this question is coming. Why Oliver?â€?

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