Come What May, Pt. 120

I roll my eyes. “Will, I don’t want to discuss…â€?

“No Dreamer, I think it’s a perfectly reasonable question. Why not me? You were the one who said that day in my room that it would be wrong to be with one of Pete’s band mates, yet, you’ve been with Oliver all along. Why him and not me?â€?

“Will, I don’t know, okay? All I know is that Oliver is the most wonderful human being that I’ve ever known, and that I fell hard for him. I love him much, much more than I could ever explain. Will, you’re a great guy, and god knows you’re attractive, but I just never felt that way about you. It was Oliver who I ended up falling completely in love with.â€?

Will sighs. “Well, no use musing over it now, I guess. But, you know Peter is beyond upset, right?â€? I put my face in my hands. “Yes,â€? I mutter through my fingers.

“Dreamer, Pete really loved you. And he really loved Ollie. You guys have broken him. But, as I myself have made a pass at you, I guess I can’t sit here and judge you two for what happened.â€?

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