Come What May, Pt. 121

I lift my face up from my hands, and look at Will. “Will, did you tell him that you tried to kiss me that day?â€? Will chuckles. “No way. But when he actually began to talk to me again, he did tell me that he thought that it was me that he had to worry about, not Ollie. He was convinced that Ollie was gay. He never thought he’d end up taking his girlfriend.â€?

We hear Oliver descend the stairs, and a few moments later he steps into the kitchen. “You’re not down here causing my fiancee’ any trouble, are you?â€? he says jokingly to Will. “No, just chatting with her, that’s all. Despite all that’s happened lately, I still love Dreamer,â€? Will responds.

Then he raises his eyebrows. “Wait, did you just say fiancee’?” Oliver takes my hand and holds it up, showing Will my engagement ring. “Yes, we’re engaged. We’ve been engaged since we took that vacation together.”

Will slaps his hand over his forehead. “Oh God. Peter isn’t going to be happy when he finds out about this. He’s not going to come back.”

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