Come What May, Pt. 122

Oliver walks out of the room and grabs his coat. He walks back in and kisses me. “Don’t worry Dream. I’ll be back as soon as possible.â€? I nod my head, and he kisses me again. “Love you,â€? he whispers. “I love you too,â€? I respond. Oliver winks at me, and walks out with Will.

I sit in the bay window, watching him walk to his car. As he reaches his car, he stops, says something to Will, and walks back to the house. He opens the door, and walks over to where I am sitting. Oliver kneels before me and takes my hand in his.

“Dream, I can’t assure you that everything will go smoothly today. Peter might not agree to come back. The band might break up. We might move on without him. Maybe he’ll stay, and things will be tense between us. But, don’t ever feel guilty or responsible for whatever happens. Come what may…you are more than worth it.”

He kisses me, and leaves.

The End

Thank you all for the wonderful comments, especially from you, brokenhearted! I really appreciate it!

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