Yeah Right

My hoped-to-be dream quickly transformed into a nightmare as I felt impact. My head snapped from in front of my neck, to touching my back, giving me the feeling I had just gotten whiplash. My whole upperhalf felt like it was being torn apart by a chainsaw, as well my legs slapped the bottom of the car. It was just about now that I needed Shade to transform me, but he was at the hopital, where I will soon join him.

Only one-fourth concious, I saw the blurred figures of policemen crowding around my motionless body. Two or three of them snatched their cell phones, apparently dialing 911. Within fifteen to twenty minutes I was being hauled into an ambulance, where I was hurrily hooked up to some breathing machine.

The fact that I had recently had a bullet shoot through my stomach didn’t help the pain either. As I doubled up in pain, they pushed me back down, saying, “Everything’s going to be alright.”

Yeah right. I thought as some type of gas knocks me out.

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