Imaginary Friend

The computer screen blinked. His words were meaningless to her. She was immune to his rough charm and lack of elegance. He knew no boundaries, but he knew no love either. She felt evil for her coldness, but knew too well that he didn’t care. He could never care. Once you begin to stare at a computer screen, your soul slowly gets sucked in. It has been six years, and he was never coming back. He rather read her dry words than listen to her speak and touch her. He wanted to remain an imaginary friend. She could no longer be bothered. She met a “him.” A him that could change her world. For once, she could touch a person. Hear true meanings of words. Nothing generic. But she remained hurt and somewhat lost. As if nothing ever had a meaning. True love never waits. We all become imaginary in the end. We are the best cynics and worst lovers. The pain remains, filling the six feet hole.

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