Out For a Run

Having come home from work brimming with energy, Samuel went for a jog. This is odd for several reasons. First of all, having been blessed with a naturally fast metabolism and inherent disdain for heavy sauces, he never felt the need to exercise. Second, if he were to exercise, owing to a particularly short attention span running was out of the question. Lastly, he was well aware of having what some referred to as ‘chicken legs’, so running shorts were rarely worn.

On the inside, he was thinking. His mind was going a mile a minute, but it was clear and not confused. On the outside he was running. And it didn’t hurt. Usually exercise did hurt, at least for a bit until he got his second wind. Even then, despite being relatively thin thanks to his metabolism, his cardiovascular endurance was not phenominal, more like marginal. But tonight, he ran like a gazelle. To be more accurate, like an ostrich, all gangly and awkward but for a fair distance without stopping.

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