Growing Pains

“Mug’s somewhere in Venice, I think. An impromptu ‘vacation’. Finn went back to Purdue, in engineering, though he already knows more about the curriculum than the professors do.”

Adrien nodded slightly, his brow furrowed. “We should get them back,” he said suddenly.

Greg looked at him. “You think? What for?”

”...I don’t know,” Adrien sighed. “It just feels wrong without them here. We should be…together or something.” He sounded uncomfortable, his footsteps stirring the murky puddles on the asphalt.

“Sometimes I feel the same. We’ve been pretty closely knit…or we had been. After the island, we sort of separated. You weren’t there to—Adrien?”

Adrien suddenly keeled over, eyes flashing through the spectrum of colors. He shrieked and clasped his hands to his head, writhing in the dirty water. Greg jumped down.


As soon as it had begun, it ceased. Adrien lay still, curled up in a ball, eyes shut tight. His breathing was heavy.

“Are you okay?” Greg practically screamed.

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