A Day in the Life of Stovohobo

Ho hum, I need to catch my bus. But I think instead I’ll go on ficlets. Oh look, somebody left me a note…hmm:
“omyGOSH stovohobo you are such a talented genius! i LOVE this series!”

Well, that’s certainly complimentary. Which series is that? Ah well, a compliment is a compliment, no matter what the context.

Hey look, a ficlet about me. That’s cool. How interesting it is.

Oh, dang it, I missed my bus. Ah well, at least now I have an excuse to stay on ficlets all day! Maybe I’ll hit three hundred today!

Ah! No! My computer is overheating! Oh, I know, I’ll go to the public library!

Oh, crap. Police officers at the library.

Hi, officers. I’m definitely not skipping school, ya know, just so you know…

Actually, it’s because of this really cool site called ficlets, the eighth wonder of the world…actually, I’m starting a religion called kevin lawverism…

That night

Hey look! New comments!

deputybob: hey i like this story here…
deputyjoe: yeah, its pretty cool. you got talent, kid.

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