An electric blue blast of energy flashes across the black expanse of space, silently exploding against the hull of a massive craft. Turrets swivel and plasma cannons return fire, their ceramic barrels quickly starting to glow a fiery orange as the barrage continues.

“Captain, thats a battleship firing at us!”

“We’ve still got ships out there, Mr. Veruck.”

The war they were fighting had started more than fifty generations before, and though both sides were human, there was no end in sight. Its origins had been forgotten, which should have made an end easier to reach, but war had become such a way of life that the economy of the entire galaxy was geared for war.

Three kilometers away from the carrier the battleship opened fire again. The beam of energy cut through space and exploded, blowing a hole through the carrier.

Fires burned and bodies drifted into space as the ship, called the “America” rolled slightly, dead in space. Its opponent shimmered and disappeared into hyperspace, the battle over.

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