How To Beat A One Upper

I had him beat. But could I go through with it?

The handle was slippery with my sweat, my heart raced.

I looked him in the eyes. They weren’t particularly crazed, but there was something that was a little off. I mean, you got to be a little crazy to commit a murder just so you’re the first in space to have done it.


He that would have been the first murderer in space, was plastered against the window. I was shocked momentarily. As he slumped down, I saw my rescuer, now the first murderer.

Thank God for deus ex machina. Well the academy recruiter had said custodial work in space was interesting.

“Don’t worry, everything’s going to be fine,” the first murderer called through the intercom. “Just need to override the door.”

The whoosh of air was refreshing and in my glee I dropped my weapon. “Thanks buddy. Glad I didn’t have to go through with that. Who are you?”


As I faded out of consciousness I heard his proud voice:

“Say hello to the first serial killer in space.”

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