Dumb Pig & Tin Rabbit

“I can’t believe he left us out in the yard again, how many times did his mother tell him to bring his toys in the house?”

“It’s worse for me ya dumb pig, what if it rains, I’ll be a useless rusty toy, I won’t even wind up in the Good Will box at Christmas time.”

“Well you stupid tin rabbit, let’s get moving before the storm, this is a big yard ya know.”

(The abandoned toys marched through rocks and tall grass, avoiding bugs along the way.)

“Ugh, finally the back door, boost me up Tin Rabbit.”

“Uh, have you put on weight Pig?”

“Just shut up and ..uhhhhh, mmmph, thanks, I think.”

“Well Pig you’re in so quit complaining, now pull me up.”

“O, darn, here comes that kid again with more toys, Oh no he’s heading this way, please not the yard again ahhhhhhhh!!!”

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